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Please note that this site  ( will be getting upgraded on Thursday June 9th at 4 PM.

While the content of the website will remain the same, some page elements will appear in different places.

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The upcoming website changes also incorporate new functionality including responsive design, which allows for better viewing and accessibility on smartphones and tablets.

Included below are screenshots of what the current HCCC Library website looks like and what it will look like after the upgrade.

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Books I have read. . .June

FerranteMy Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante PQ4866.E6345A8113

My Brilliant Friend is the first in Ferrante’s quartet of Neapolitan novels. It depicts the lives of two friends from their shared youth to the disparate old age. This novel is a portrait of  the power struggle some friendships have, and how, in particular, girls weigh their esteem against each other, bouncing back and forth between love and envy. Ferrante’s writings is detailed and nuanced, giving the reader an idea of the girl/woman thought process, without going inside their thoughts. It shows how two ambitious women tackle a male-dominated world, especially in 1950’s Naples customs and social norms. It’s a bit of a slog, but the ending is a twist that most readers will not see coming.

All the Birds in the Sky All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders PS3601.N428A79

Patricia Delfine wanders off into the woods, comes across an injured sparrow and learns that she can talk to animals.  She loses the ability to understand their speech but her memory of the event never completely vanishes. At the same time, a boy named Laurence Armstead develops his own machine that casts him forward in time by two seconds. A relationship between these two seems impossible, because of  their different ways of looking at life, but, mysterious forces help their love along. Charlie Jane Anders is the editor-in-chief of, her Gawker Media site devoted to science fiction and fantasy.

AdulteryAdultery by Paulo Coelho PQ9698.13.O3546.A3813

Coelho’s new novel suffers for its main character’s irrational behavior. After speaking with a person who reveals his thoughts about living a passionate life, seemingly happy Linda, a 30-something journalist, mother, and wife to a loving husband, begins to believe her own life is empty. To remedy this, she initiates an affair with a high school boyfriend. Her emotional spin out includes outrageous plans which seem unlikely, at best. Coehlho tries to connect his character’s thinking with the likes of “John Calvin, St. Paul, King Solomon, Frankenstein, and Jekyll and Hyde.” But, these comparison, to me,  just show the weakness of Coehlo’s imagination, since the similarities are so stretched. I read this book hoping to be captivated by the author, as so many other readers seem to be, but this novel fell far short of my expectations.

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