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The Sea by John Banville ~ Main & NHC PR6052.A57S43

After reading Banville’s Ancient Light and Mrs. Osmond, I immediately went searching for all his other books. Banville is magic. He captivates and enlightens. I love his vocabulary, which teaches me new words to describe the world. But by the time I almost reached the end of this tome, I was tired of the details of emotional and psychological poetic analysis. I yearned for some action that the characters could clamor through without reminiscing about it later in the book.
“While the novel dwells meditatively on the childhood pursuits that dominated his summer, Max’s memories of the Graces also act as a springboard for more wide-ranging recollections about the ups and downs of his married life, the doomed relationship of his parents, and the tortuous death of his wife, Anna. Yet it is not the events themselves which are particularly noteworthy but Banville’s ability to tease out, in a prose that is never less than exquisitely wrought, the resonances in the commonplace which echo with amplified significance throughout an individual’s life” review by John Tague, Independent, 9/4/2005
Read an excerpt of The Sea here.

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