New Library System

The Library has migrated to the Koha Integrated Library System to handle patron borrowing and library back-office operations. Koha, whose name comes from the Maori word for “gift” was developed by a consortium of libraries in New Zealand, and is now maintained as an open source project with help from individuals, companies, and institutions throughout the world.

Koha provides greater functionality than your previous library system, and as an open source product, allows for increased ability to customize the system to fit HCCC’s workflows. Some improvements patrons will notice right away include the ability to access a “My Account” page to see which items are check out and renew items online. The system will also allow for future improvements like holds and has an improved system for managing displays and reserve materials.

Sample user account page and checkouts.

In terms of searching, Koha also features greater ability to customize searches and index more types of information, such as publisher and date published. Koha is also fully compliant with the latest standards for storing and maintaining library data.

The Library will host several training workshops later this summer, and in the Fall 2017 semester. Stay tuned to this page for further updates.

Refining searches in Koha.