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Kate Bellody: Librarian 201-360-4373

Sarah Bryant: Secretary – Circulation 201-360-4346

Johnathan Cintron: Library Associate, Technology 201-360-4367

Cynthia Coulter: Librarian, North Hudson Campus 201-360-4722

Devlyn Courtier: Library Associate, Technology, North Hudson Campus 201-360-4368

John DeLooper: Director of Library Technology 201-360-4723

David Hardgrove: Interim Dean of Libraries 201-360-4361

Oliva Montero: Library Associate, North Hudson Campus 201-360-4721

Milena Moscoso: Library Associate 201-360-4349

Ellen Renaud: Librarian 201-360-4344

Lawren Wilkins: Librarian 201-360-4354

Mei Xie: Librarian, Technical Services 201-360-4355