Summer 2017 Books/Films

The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters
By Tom Nichols HM851.N54 2017

Very enjoyable book about how younger people are so terrible! Just kidding! This book looks at how faith in experts has eroded with particular emphasis on the academy and, for lack of a better word, “wiki-culture”. I’d really recommend this for anyone who A) works as a teacher or educator and B) anyone who is a student and C) is in anyway tangentially related to education…meaning that everyone at Hudson County Community College should read this.

The Devil is A Part-Timer! By Satoshi Wagahara PN6790.J34H379513 2015 V.1

Used by the Library’s book club in Spring 2017, this is the first in a series of Manga about The Devil (or some ultimate evil, but maybe not the Christian approximation of the Devil) and his adventures in the mortal realms. As the title suggests the Devil gets a part-time job and contends with the day-to-day rigmarole teens/young adults experience. This also exists as a pleasing anime.

Arrival Directed by Denis Villeneuve PN1997.2.A674 2017 (DVD)

Not since E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial have I wept at a movie about aliens (I was also a wee lad when I saw E.T.). It’s not the aliens themselves that made me weep, but rather the humans and some of their shenanigans. The premise of the movie is that aliens arrive on earth and then human governments freak out in different, slightly jingoistic, ways. I would recommend this to anyone, even people who don’t like sci-fi or spaceships or whatsits. //jms//