Library FAQs – Is there a fax machine available?

One of the most frequent questions HCCC students, faculty, and staff ask is “does the Library offer fax services?” Unfortunately, there is no fax machine available for patron use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send a fax.

Fax Machine Picture

There is no fax machine available, but you can still send a fax with services like FaxZero or MyFax instead.

Instead, you can use the scanner available at either the Main Library or the North Hudson Center to scan your document, then send it online through a service like FaxZero or MyFax, which sends the fax on your behalf.

Services such as FaxZero limit the number of faxes and total pages you can send each day, and include an advertisement with each fax, though they also offer low cost services as well. A list of other services to send free faxes can be found here.