Spotlight on Full Text Springer Ebooks

The HCCC Libraries have long had ebooks available from a great number of providers including EBSCO, Capstone, and ABC-Clio. When looking through these books, note that each ebook provider treats its books differently — some allow only one person to read it at a time, some only allow users to print a certain number of pages, some require a special app to view it on mobile devices, and some only allow users to view it online. A new option that may be of interest to HCCC students, faculty, and staff is that of Springer eBooks. The Library has more ebooks from Springer than any other provider (over 1000 and counting!), and each Springer ebook allows students, faculty, and staff to read the books online, download chapters of interest, or even get the entire book as a PDF — no special apps or requirement to be online while reading.

You can find Springer eBooks by selecting “Search Books” on this page,


or the Library Catalog, and entering Springer eBook in the search box.



Check out this collection and let us know what you think.